Mentors and Parents

The mentor’s role:
Mentors are another source of help in the overwhelming process of getting the student into the best technical institute or community or four-year college or university, with the most financial aid.

The parents’ point-of-view:

  • This new mentor is a stranger
  • Can I trust this mentor with my child?
  • Is my child going to look up to the mentor more than me?
  • Will this person come between my child and myself?

The mentor’s challenge is to address these issues in a non-threatening way. Be clear that mentors are not there to interfere in any way with parental decisions nor to replace them.

  • The parents’ level of involvement varies;
  • Finances are often private, be sensitive in this area.

Some parents may adopt the mentor as:

  • Their mentor
  • A friend
  • Reliable source of help

The best relationships between parents and mentors are those which focus on how to work together to ensure the students’ success.